Trump's Comment on Not Paying Taxes Raises Concerns Amid Surging Inequality

Independent humanitarian organization Oxfam has published a report on global inequality ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. According to the paper, the eight richest people worldwide possess a total of $426 billion - more wealth combined than half of the world's population, or 3.6 billion people (US…

North Korea to Obama: Get Packing!

North Korea denounced outgoing US President Barack Obama for blacklisting leader Kim Jong-Un's sister over human rights abuses, urging him to concentrate on "packing" as he exits the White House.

Iran summons Danish amb. over embassy attack

Jan. 20 – Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan to voice the strong protest of the Islamic Republic on the country's incapability to provide security and peace of Iranian embassy and its staff in Denmark.
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