Senior MP Asks US to Pay $20bln in Compensation to Iraq

TEHRAN - A senior Iraqi lawmaker called on Washington to pay $20bln in compensation for destroying the Arab country during war instead of asking Baghdad to pay back for the bases the US has built for its military forces in Iraq.

Daughter: Sheikh Zakzaky Utterly Deprived of Medical Care in Prison

TEHRAN - Badia Ibraheem Zakzaky, daughter of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, expressed deep concern about her father's health conditions after being transferred to the general prison ward, saying that he does not have any access to doctors.

Ex-Official: Indian Raped Females Victim of West’s Porn Business

TEHRAN - Western lobbies are obstructing any anti-porn move in India because all pornography websites in the country are Western and they have an annual revenue of around $30 billion in the South Asian country, Former Indian State Minister in Utter Pradesh Dr. Chandra Prakash Rai told FNA.

Germany, EU condemn US sanctions on gas pipeline

Dec. 21 – The EU Commission and the German government have condemned the United States for imposing sanctions on companies working on a major project to supply Western Europe with Russian gas.
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