Demonstrators Demand Closure of US Offices in Palestine

TEHRAN - Dozens of Palestinians on Wednesday called for the closure of US offices in the Israeli-occupied West Bank in protest against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Activists Place 5,000 Flowers for Yemeni Children at US Capitol

TEHRAN - Activists laid 5,000 flowers outside the US Capitol in Washington DC, to remember the children killed and injured in Saudi Arabia’s brutal war against the people of Yemen and to protest the inaction of Congress and the administration of US President Donald Trump to stop the deadly aggression.

Zarif calls Trump out for his shallow command of politics

Mar. 20 – Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif said the Iranian nation has the historical depth to ignore the absurd insults of US President Donald Trump with his shallow command of history, politics and diplomacy.

US, South Korea to Resume Joint Drills on April 1

TEHRAN - The US Department of Defense said in a statement the United States and South Korea will resume joint military drills on April 1, North Korea has already been informed about the plans.

US Sets Up New Base in Syria's Largest Oil Field in Deir Ezzur

TEHRAN - The US has established a new base in Southeastern Deir Ezzur and dispatched weapons and military equipment to the region, field sources said as Russia warned of American forces' possible attack on Syrian army positions.

Pres. Rouhani arrives in Kermanshah province

Mar. 20 – President Hassan Rouhani and his accompanying delegation comprised of several ministers and deputies arrived in western province of Kermanshah this morning to visit the quake-stricken areas and inaugurate some infrastructure projects.
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